Five-year-old Syrian boy killed in road accident in Lesvos

A five-year-old Syrian boy was killed in Lesvos on Friday after being hit by a passing car as he tried to cross the busy Mytilene-Madamadou street, near the Kara Tepe refugee camp where he was living with his nine-member family.

According to information, the boy walked out of the camp alone and attempted to cross the street to reach one of the several unofficial camps run by NGOs in the area around the large municipal camp. The young boy was transferred to Mytilene’s hospital where doctors confirmed his death.

The area where the accident happened sees a lot of traffic and there are no road signs or zebra crossings to allow pedestrians to cross the street safely. What’s more, NGO employees of other people working in the camps park their cars in both sides of the road, creating very poor visibility conditions for passing drivers.