Flights cancelled due to fog that covered Macedonia airport

The problems caused by fog at Macedonia airport on Monday were overcome just a few minutes before 11:00 on Monday, Fraport press official Yiannis Papazoglou announced.

Thick fog covered the airport and the sky above Thessaloniki for second consecutive day, causing flight cancellations and delays.

Two Turkish Airlines flights for Istanbul were cancelled, as well as a Ryanair flight from Athens.
According to the airport’s official website, three more flights by Olympic Air from Thessaloniki to Athens and vice versa were not carried out.

“The pilot of a flight from Larnaca to Thessaloniki decided to land the aircraft at Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos airport,” said Papazoglou.

Passengers due to travel on Monday should visit the official website of Macedonia airport ( to be informed on possible flight changes.