FM Dendias: Defence cooperation agreement with US guarantees peace in the region

“The Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) between the Greece and the US is an agreement that guarantees peace, security and the stability in the region, with an expansion of the US defence footprint,” stated Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias while addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Greek parliament on Tuesday.

“The government sought the expansion of the US defence footprint. For us, the US presence in the city of Alexandroupolis is something really positive,” underlined Dendias, adding that the government does not intend to delay the ratification of this agreement “because it serves the nation’s interests”.
Replying to those who claim that the Greek government, with the ratification of the agreement, is handing over everything without getting anything in return, Dendias pointed to the “dozens of positive statements of support from the US”. The letter from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday, in which Pompeo expressed the US side’s continued commitment to supporting Greece’s security, peace and prosperity, was in a similar vein, Dendias told MPs.

“The relationship between Greece and the USA is not directed against anyone else. It is not directed against Turkey. As with our trilateral relationships, our bilateral relationships are not directed against Turkey. They support peace, security and stability in the region,” said the minister.

“In this context, we consider our relationship with the USA one of the cornerstones [of our policy] and, in the context of our discussion today, I must say that the ratification of this agreement is absolutely necessary for our defence planning and for Greece’s foreign policy,” Dendias said.
The ratification of the protocol of amendment to the MDCA between the Greek government and the US government was approved by the committee earlier on Tuesday.