FM Dendias meets Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and other officials

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias discussed security issues in the region and the Turkey-Libya agreement on maritime zones with Saudi Arabian King Salman on Tuesday, the first of visits to three Middle Eastern countries starting Tuesday.

Dendias called his visit to Saudi Arabia “a great opportunity,” adding that he had also met with Foreign Minister Faisal bin Rahman, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Adel Al Jubeir Jubeir, and Chairman of Saudi Aramco’s Board of Directors and Governor of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) Yasir Othman Al Rumayyan.

Speaking of his meeting with King Salman and the Turkey-Libya agreement, Dendias said, “We share the understanding that these memoranda create problems in the wider region. We will continue to monitor the situation jointly and be in touch for coordinated action.” He added that Saudi Arabia is a country “with special geopolitical sensitivities” and “understands that these memoranda play a destabilizing role in the greater region.”

Dendias said he commended the country’s leadership for its level-headedness during September’s attack of Aramco’s facilities by drones, “an attack that threatened not just Saudi Rabaia, but the global economy as well.”

The minister said that during his visit to PIF, Saudi Arabian officials expressed a strong interest in new investment opportunities in Greece.
Dendias is scheduled to visit the United Arab Emirates, concluding his tour with Jordan on Thursday.