FM Dendias signed MOU with Arab League SecGen Ahmed Aboul Gheit

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit in Cairo on Tuesday.

The MOU between Greece and the Arab League “is the culmination of joint efforts, and constitutes a basis for enhancing political consultations,” said Dendias, who continued to note that the agreement will not only enhance relations between the Arab League and Greece, but also between Greece and the Arab states.

Moreover, “Greece will try to enhance the dialogue between the European Union and the Arab League,” Dendias noted.

Greece “strives to contribute in building a bridge of friendship between Europe and the Arab world,” he pointed out.

The minister also mentioned building multilateral initiatives to bring countries of the region closer together, and “enhancing cooperation in key areas, such as energy, health, tourism and transport.”

Calling for a common response to regional countries that “constitute a very serious threat to regional stability,” Dendias said this should be based on “our shared principles and values.” Here, Dendias highlighted “the respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states in the region, including Libya, Syria and Iraq.”

Signing the MOU is an important development in the relations between Greece and the Arab League, underlined Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Greece has always been close to the Arab world, underlined Gheit, and has taken important decisions on issues concerning the Arab world, especially with regard to the Palestinian issue, he noted.