FM Kotzias addresses book presentation on FYROM name issue

The FYROM name issue and the aspects of the search for an honest patriotic resolution dominated the debate held during the presentation of a book at the foreign ministry’s amphitheater late on Tuesday.

“We have to respond to the question of what it is we want from our northern neighbor: a stable country or a country that is part of Turkey’s circle of influence in the region in a way that raises hostility towards Greece,” Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said, explaining that Greece is called upon to address the name issue within the region’s unstable landscape, a region of great upheavals.

The foreign minister also referred to the wider region that has historically been called Macedonia and currently belongs to four states, with the largest share belonging to Greece. He noted, among other things, that what complicates the case is that Skopje is is trying to find a historical identity in a distorted way, by generating irredentism.

The presentation of the book “The Macedonia Issue” (in Greek) by journalist Nikos Mertzos was also attended by former foreign minister Evangelos Venizelos and Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis, who also delivered speeches to a full amphitheatre. Their common views included an erga omnes name and the amendment of FYROM’s constitution.