FM Kotzias: US recognises Greece’s special role

Greece’s role in a fragile geopolitical circumstance and in a regional instability triangle as well as security issues in the Middle East, the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans dominated a meeting between Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and the National Security Advisor of the US President, Lieutenant Herbert Raymond McMaster, in Washington.

Kotzias referred to Greece’s significant role in the region and the initiatives taken to stabilize the climate.

“We have set up a number of institutions and we have strengthened relations with countries such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. We have the quadripartite meetings in the Balkans as well as cross-border cooperation, while we are about to enhance cooperation with Georgia and Armenia and to showcase the special role that Greece can play in the region,” the Greek Foreign Minister underlined.
Moreover, Kotzias stressed that the US side recognised Greece’s special role.