Fofi Gennimata summons L. Grigorakos over Mitsotakis comments

The President of PASOK Fofi Gennimata has summoned MP Leonidas Grigorakos to provide explanations over recent statements he made on SKAI radio, where he claimed that certain MPs of the Democratic Alignment welcomed the election of Kyriakos Mitsotakis as leader of New Democracy.

In his Tuesday morning statements Mr. Grigorakos distanced himself from Mrs. Gennimata, who was highly critical of New Democracy’s new leader, claiming that on a personal level there is no abyss separating him from Mr. Mitsotakis. Mr. Grigorakos also did not rule out the possibility of MPs of the Democratic Alignment (which includes PASOK and DIMAR) joining New Democracy.

Mr. Grigorakos also estimated that unless the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decides to initiate talks with the other parties in Parliament, New Democracy would soon top the polls once again. He also revealed that he is considering not running in the next general elections