Foreign investors slightly lowered exposure in the ASE

Foreign investors lowered their exposure in the Athens Stock Exchange in February to 63.6 pct of the market’s capitalization –including the participation of Hellenic Financial Stability Fund- from 63.7 pct in January, while excluding the participation of HFSF their exposure fell to 66.4 pct from 66.5 pct, respectively. In February 2017, foreign investors’ participation in the Greek market was 59.2 pct (including HFSF) and 61.8 pct excluding HFSF.

Greek investors held 36.3 pct of the market’s capitalization in February. Foreign investors were net buyers with capital inflows totaling 22.46 million euros, while they accounted for 53.6 pct of market transactions (up from 50.9 pct in January and 48.5 pct in February 2017).

The value of transactions reached 1,235 million euros in February, down 26.5 pct from January (1,681 billion) and up 49.7 pct from February 2017 (825 million euros). Average daily turnover was 65.05 million euros in February, down from 76.43 million in January and up fro 43.46 million in February last year. The number of active investor codes fell to 18,694 in February from 21,767 in January, but up from 15,858 in February 2017. The market’s capitalization was 46.52 billion euros at the end of February, down from 48.80 billion a month earlier (-4.7 pct), but up 23.1 pct from February 2017 (37.79 billion euros).