Foreign ministry blasts demolition of minority’s property in Albania

Greece’s foreign ministry expressed its concern on Thursday about the fact that the Albanian government “continues to promote measures for the demolition of property belonging to members of the Greek national minority, within the framework of its policy to uproot the historical presence of Hellenism in the region of Himara”.

The relevant decision of the Albanian authorities on Wednesday confirms that the recently passed law on minorities is a step backwards for the main minority in Albania, the ministry said. “There are many who interpret it as an act aimed at distracting Albanian public opinion from the major political issue that has arisen with drug trafficking. We hope this is not the case,” it added.

It also said it is equally concerned by “the apparent link between organized crime and the political scene in Albania, as indicated by the recent arrest of the head of a drug trafficking ring who happens to be a relative of someone who, until recently, was a top minister in the Rama government”.