Foreign ministry condemns arson attack on French Institute in Athens

Greece’s foreign ministry condemned an arson attack on the French Institute in Athens on Monday, expressing its abhorrence and unequivocal condemnation in an announcement.

“This mindless and criminal act against an institution that is a symbol of Greek-French friendship and France’s contribution to the cultural and intellectual life of Greece is doomed to fail.

Contrary to its intention, this barbaric and incomprehensible act will strengthen even further the deep-rooted friendship between the peoples of Greece and France, and the close cooperation between their governments,” the ministry’s announcement said.

French Ambassador to Greece Christophe Chantepy urged French nationals living in Greece to be calm but maintain a “normal level of alertness”. He said Greek authorities had responded promptly to the incident and that there were no victims.

“Tonight the French School of Athens and the French Institute of Greece were targets of arson. We did not mourn any human victims. The material damage was limited due to the swift response of the fire brigade.

Greek authorities responded immediately and have ordered an investigation. The embassy will be in constant contact with them.

As always, I am at your service and I call on you to calmly show the normal level of alertness,” the announcement said.