Foreign ministry issues advice for Greeks travelling abroad

The foreign ministry on Tuesday issued instructions for Greeks on travelling abroad, advising them to avoid areas with a high number of novel coronavirus cases. The ministry noted that countries were constantly taking new measures to contain the spread of the virus, including that of barring the entry and exit of foreign nationals.

For Greeks who are already abroad, the ministry advised them to ensure they are informed of the measures taken by third countries to deal with coronavirus, via the updates given by Greek authorities abroad and their websites.

“In cases of emergency, call the emergency phone lines of Greek Authorities and the Crisis Management Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (at,” the ministry’s announcement said.
It also urged Greek citizens who are currently abroad to contact Greek consular and diplomatic authorities so that they can provide assistance in any problems they may face.

The ministry noted that there is a restriction on travel to and from the following countries: Albania, Italy, North Macedonia and Spain.

It should also be noted that, as of March 16, any individual entering Greece, regardless of their nationality or country of origin, is required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days from the day of entrance, with any violations punishable by a fine.

The public can contact the foreign ministry cryptography service at the following telephone numbers: +302103681000 / 1259/ 1730.

Further information on the novel coronavirus and Covid-19 is available at the following link:

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