Foreign Ministry to set up working group for Greek exports to Russia

The Foreign Ministry will immediately establish a working group for the monitoring of Greek exports to Russia, the administration of relevant issues which emerge, as well as the coordination of all pertinent actions. The working group, which will consist of ministerial officials, as well as sectoral and export representatives, will also be exploring any expansion prospects to new markets, for Greek export goods.

This was decided on Thursday during the extraordinary meeting called by the Foreign Ministry for discussing the potential fallout following the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of retaliatory measures against a series of sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU in the framework of the Ukrainian crisis. Apart from ministerial dignitaries, representatives from the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SVVE), the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE), the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EVEA) and many more regional and professional associations, federations and chambers from all over Greece, attended the meeting.

Ministry officials as well as export and industry representatives expressed cautious optimism over Greece’s exports to Russia.