Former health minister Lykourentzos to take legal action on Novartis case allegations

Former Health Minister Andreas Lykourentzos said he will take legal action, rejecting any involvement in the Novartis bribery case, and also requested that his telephone communications and bank transactions be opened to investigation.

“I did not have any jurisdiction over or any relation with any official, particularly at Novartis,” noted Lykourentzos.

Lykourentzos’ name is among those of eight former ministers included in the relevant case file, which was sent on Tuesday to parliament according to a ministers’ liability law.

“I have served with transparency and decency. This case appears frivolous. I am taking immediate recourse to justice to send to court anyone claiming I am corrupt. My case proves that the testimonies are unfounded,” said Lykourentzos, who was health minister from June 21, 2012 until June 25, 2013.