Former minister Papantoniou summoned to testify before anti-corruption prosecutors

Former minister Yannos Papantoniou was served with a summons on Friday by two anti-corruption prosecutors to testify over Swiss bank accounts that are allegedly tied to him personally, in an ongoing armaments procurements case.

Prosecutors Iliana Zamanika and George Evangelou are looking into money-laundering allegations for the former minister and have set July 25 as the date for him to testify. The case file includes data from the Swiss federal prosecutor on the accounts, testimony by managers in a company that had contracts with the state, confiscated documents on armaments and Swiss accounts under the name of Stavroula Kourakou, the minister’s wife.

Papantoniou, who served separately as minister of national defence and finance, is expected to be given an extension to prepare his testimony. He has denied his involvement and given his permission to authorities to review all of his bank accounts.