Former PM ‘devastated’ over triple murder in case involving former personal bodyguard

Former prime minister Costas Simitis said he is devastated by the deadly shooting in the West Attica town of Aghii Anargyri on Monday afternoon, where a former member of his personal detail is suspected of having shot and killed his wife, his daughter and his mother-in-law, before turning his service revolver onto himself and committing suicide.

“It is an unspeakable family tragedy. Christos Zapandiotis was a top professional and excellent in his work all the years he served in my personal security. I am devastated by the tragic incident. My warmest condolences to the two families,” Simitis said in a press release commenting on the case.

Detectives from the Attica Security homicide department investigating the case are examining bad blood between the police officer and his in-laws as a possible motive for the triple murder and suspected suicide, which also claimed the life of his three-year-old daughter.

The 42-year-old police officer was a member of the Parliament guard and had been detached to the personal guard of Simitis in 1996. He had also passed a police psychological screening to test his suitability for the force in 2011.

The bodies were discovered by relatives that came to investigate why the policeman’s wife, a dermatologist, had not appeared at her practice on Monday morning. The man’s mother-in-law was also a doctor.