Former PM Simitis on euro integration: “A right choice, at the right moment”

Greece’s integration in the euro 20 years ago was the right national goal, reached with the help of both the government and Greek society, former prime minister Costas Simitis said on Sunday, commenting on the anniversary of the currency switch from the drachma that happened under his government.

“We reached this success following the concerted efforts of our government and and of the entire society. It was a national goal we achieved. It was a victory that protected our country during difficult and adverse conditions. It was a right choice, at the right moment, with national mobilization,” Simitis said.

The Greek people have recognized the value of the euro, which has facilitated the economy and its daily life, the former premier said, reminding also that “it was the first step towards the project of a united Europe. A goal that constitutes an overwhelming need in the present, in an era of great geopolitical reshuffling.”