Former residence of poet Palamas in Patras to reopen as cultural center

The former residence of prominent Greek poet Kostis Palamas in the city of Patras will reopen to the public as a cultural center after its full refurbishment on January 13.

President Prokopios Pavlopoulos will head the inauguration ceremony which will be held at his house on Corinthou Street, now named “Cultural Center Kostis Palama”, at 18:00.

The building was bought and restored thanks to the funding of Greek-American businessman Athanasios Stefanopoulos.

Speaking at a press conference head of the opening, he spoke of the reasons that led his decision to refurbish Palamas’ residence: “In my teens I was particularly interested in the life and work of Kostis Palamas. When I learned that his house had been left closed and neglected, it did not take long to make my decision […] I thought it would be advisable for the house to be refurbished, to maintain it for many years, and to reach a point of perfection, because this is what the poet deserved,” he said.

After the inauguration, a scientific conference titled “Palamas’ Patras” will be held at the public library on his work at 09:00.

Palamas, known for writing the lyrics to the Olympic Anthem, was a central figure of the Greek literary generation of the 1880s and one of the cofounders of the so-called New Athenian School. He was born in Patras on January 13, 1859.