Former US vice Admiral Rowden to ANA: Greece a pillar of stability in the eastern Mediterranean

Former US vice Admiral and vice president of Lockheed Martin, Thomas Rowden, on Sunday spoke to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on the developments in the eastern Mediterranean, Greece’s role as pillar of stability in the wider region as well as on the Greek Navy’s upgrading programme.

Rowden said that he first visited Greece in 1981 starting, as he said, his adventures in the Mediterranean.

On the upgrading of the Greek Navy fleet, Rowden said that the United States can contribute with a specific proposal concerning ” four new vessels as well as the modernisation of four more ships of the Greek Navy”.
This, he said “would give the opportunity the new ships to be built in Greece” something that “would invigorate the Greek shipyards and will create quality job positions”.

“It is fully acknowledged that Greece is a pillar of stability in the eastern Mediterranean” he said adding that “I estimate that the relations between the two countries will become stronger with the modernisation of the Greek ships along with the delivery of the four new vessels” Rowden said.

He characterised “an excellent move” Greece’s acquisition of Romeo helicopters underlining that “from my personal experience in the US Navy, Romeo is the best helicopter in addressing submarines, that ever appeared in earth”.