Forty-seven forest fires erupted since Monday afternoon

A total of 47 forest fires broke out between 6.00 am on Monday and 6.00 am on Tuesday, with the most important being that in Attica that has left at least 50 people dead so far.

Of these fires, most were extinguished in their initial stages but the fires in Attica were devastating despite the immediate large-scale mobilisation of the fire brigade. With wind blasts in the area reaching speeds of up to 9 Beaufort combined with the rapid advance of the flames, especially in Attica, the fire front quickly encroached on densely populated urban areas, preventing people from leaving in time.

The following fires are currently underway:

– In Kineta, where the fire started on Monday afternoon on the Gerania Mountains. There are 150 firefighters operating in the area with 74 vehicles and 17 people on foot, while four volunteer vehicles, 20 water tankers and 6 bulldozers from the Attica Region, the municipalities of Megareon, Loutraki, Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni are assisting.

– In Kallitechnoupoli, where 190 firefighters are operating with 96 vehicles, assisted by 12 volunteer vehicles with 25 volunteers, 23 fire-fighters on foot, and three Canadair aircraft and two helicopters.

– In Zenomenos, Corinth, where 100 firefighters with 45 vehicles, 20 fire-fighters on foot, one aircraft and one helicopter are operating.

– In Metochi Vrysson, in Chania, Crete, where 60 firemen with 27 vehicles and two teams of foot are operating, while in the fire at Platiania, Chania, where there are 20 firefighters with 10 vehicles and one helicopter.

– In Larymna, Fthiotida, where there are 20 firefighters with 10 vehicles, a team of foot and a helicopter.

– Lastly, the fire that started at 2.30 on Tuesday morning in the area of Chlomos, also in the Municipality of Lokron, Fthiotida, where 18 firefighters with 9 vehicles are operating.

The fires at the location of the Panorama of Ag. Apostoloi, Kalamos, Sousaki, Agioi Theodori, in Korinthia, Isthmia, in Loutraki, and in Lefkimmi of Soufli at Evros are subsiding.