FOURLIS Group offers IKEA products to Army Equity Fund Hospital

FOURLIS Group announced on Monday that it would offer IKEA products to the Army Equity Fund Hospital (NIMTS) to address immediate needs.

As stated in an announcement, “all of us at FOURLIS Group are monitoring the daily effort of people serving the public health sector. Hospitals, laboratories, on the ground in cities and villages throughout Greece. We thank them and stand by them, with the power of our souls and with acts of collective responsibility. The battle against COVID-19 is about us as individuals, as families, as a society.”

It also noted: “In an effort to strengthen the National Health System in this unprecedented time our country is experiencing, and in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility of the companies House Market (IKEA), Intersport, Trade Logistics and FOURLIS Holdings, we are offering IKEA products to NIMTS in order to meet immediate needs.”