Fourteen arrested for allegedly financing terrorism via ‘terror account’

Greece’s counter-terrorism service on Tuesday proceeded to arrest 14 individuals on charges of financing terrorism and money laundering, on the basis of arrests warrants issued by a special appeals magistrate for terrorism.

Among the 14 arrested were 11 men and three women, all Greek nationals barring one Albanian man.

According to police sources, all 14 suspects have allegedly deposited funds in a bank account linked to Konstantinos Giatzoglou, currently being held on remand as a suspect for last year’s parcel bomb attack on former Greek premier Lucas Papademos. The bank account was opened using a fake ID.

The names of the 14 under arrest were uncovered during an ongoing investigation by the special terrorism magistrate, assisted by the police counter-terrorism service.

Police sources noted that this was the first time that individuals have been arrested for depositing money in a suspected terrorist bank account and said that more arrests may follow, since the 14 suspects were presumably acting on orders issued by other, unknown parties that are now being sought.

The sums deposited each time were usually quite small, while authorities have not yet calculated the full amount that went through the specific account.

None of the suspects has a previous police record.