Fraport, DHL sign agreement to build sorting station at Thessaloniki Int’l Airport

DHL Greece, of the international courier service and Fraport Greece, the managing operator of some 14 regional airports in Greece, on Thursday signed a ten-year leasing agreement for the creation of a modern logistics and sorting center at the Thessaloniki International Airport.

The 7.2 million euros investment is reportedly the biggest so far carried out by DHL in Greece in its forty-year presence in the country and will see the creation of a 5,270 square meters facility at one of the three freight stations of the Thessaloniki International Airport.

The new station will include a fully automated 24-vehicle loading and unloading ramp and a sorting rail capable of processing up to 2,000 mail and parcel items per hour.

The main warehouse will be 1,700 square meters, while the company’s 9,000 square meters headquarters will be built in the city and will include a public service point, itself part of a 2,700 square meters external facility which will feature a service bay for large trucks, in view of connecting Thessaloniki directly to DHL’s European road routes network.

The new sorting station is expected to be delivered in September 2020.

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