Fraport Greece: Project to upgrade”Macedonia” airport must be completed within schedule

A project to upgrade airport facilities at the “Macedonia” airport in Thessaloniki must be completed within schedule to avoid creating any big problems during next year’s summer season, George Vilos, managing director of Commercial and Business Development Fraport Greece said, commenting on scheduled works on the maintenance and strengthening of runways. “These works are expected to be completed by the end of July and this is something that must be averted. We all must help to complete works earlier,” he noted.

Vilos said Thessaloniki is a city with an exceptional dynamism and that there were several airlines that have expressed interest in investing in the city as a travel destination. He added that Fraport Greece will take over the management of 14 regional airports by the end of January, with the start of a four-year investment program, budgetted at around 400 million euros.

Fraport Greece will begin works at the “Macedonia” airport in October 2017 to avoid creating any operating problems in the airport during the summer season. “By then, however, we will make some quick works with immediate results, such as renovating hygience areas and some internal rearrangements to improve the terminal’s capacity, new runway signalling, etc,” Vilos said.

He said the company has already hired around 90 persons and there was need for around 550 workers. A total of 60,000 job applications have been submitted so far