Free wi-fi access to be offered on Athens urban transport vehicles

Buses, trolleys and the tram in greater Athens will be equipped with free wi-fi for passengers, authorities announced on Monday.

The initiative belongs to the ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunication and Information and the ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in collaboration with the Region of Attica.

The cost covering all of Attica’s transportation amounts to 900,000 euros and the funds will be provided by the “Regional Business Program of Attica 2014-2020”. The purpose is to promote the use of new technologies and upgrade services on vehicles of the Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA).

According to OASA data for 2015, passengers on buses and trolleys carried out 352,116,000 rides, with an average duration of rides 20 minutes. Rides on the tram totalled 14,482,000 for the same year.