PM Bernard Cazeneuve optimistic about conclusion of programme review

I am optimistic that the programme review will soon be concluded and Greece will get on sustainable growth track, French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in an interview.

“The European Union would not be the same without Greece,” Cazeneuve stated adding that the key to Greece and Europe’s successful course is the combination of solidarity and responsibility which we need to share.

The French Prime Minister referred to “the higher than expected primary surpluses thanks to the Greek people’s sacrifices.”

He also expressed France’s firm support to help Greece get on growth track. “Growth returns, investments exist and we have encouraged the French companies with operations in Greece to further invest,” he noted.

“Investments have brought results and they need to continue,” he underlined and stressed the importance of enhancing solidarity and continuing reforms to help growth return.

Moreover, he referred to the strategic relation between France and Greece adding that 100 businesses with 13,000 employees exist in Greece.

Regarding the refugee issue, he praised the exceptionally difficult work of the Greek government on the islands noting that France helps Greece with the necessary equipment and staff.

Concluding, he said that “France is on the side of Greece which gave birth to democracy in order to help it overcome the crisis.”