Frozen spring: unseasonal low temperatures persist in Greece’s mountains

Even though spring is well advanced and summer is just around the corner, weather stations recorded unseasonally low temperatures and even frost in several parts of Greece on Tuesday morning, especially at high altitudes.

According to figures released by the National Observatory of Athens weather service, the lowest were recorded at ski resorts such as Kaimaktsalan in Edessa, Mount Parnassus and Vasilitsa, which saw temperatures of -4.2C, -1.9C and -1.0C, respectively.

In several other locations, the mercury hovered just a few degrees above zero: 1.8C in Plikati, Ioannina and 1.9 C in Vlasti, Kozani and a chilly 2.3 C in Grevena, 2.7 C in Metsovo and Pertouli, Trikala and just 3.2 C on Mount Parnitha above Athens, at an altitude of 1,350 metres.