Fuel leak from ‘Blue Star Patmos’ causes 350-square-metre spill

There was a fuel leak from the passenger ferry ‘Blue Star Patmos’ due to an existing hull breach, during operations to pull the ship onto the Piraeus Port Authority’s large floating drydock for repairs.

According to the coast guard, the incident occurred on Monday morning and caused a 350-square-metre oil spill around the drydock, which is surrounded by a floating barrier, while small patches of oil were also observed around ships docked in the port.

Work to clean up and collect the petroleum products have been assigned to a private company in the region.

The hull of the “Blue Star Patmos” was breached when it ran aground on August 30, near the entrance of Ios harbour. It was pulled free on September 6 with the assistance of two tugs, which took it to Perama for drydocking and repairs.