Fulbright Foundation celebrates its 70th anniversary in Greece, at presidential mansion event

Fulbright Foundation Greece celebrated its 70th anniversary at the presidential mansion earlier on Monday, attended by President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt, Fulbright Athens’ Executive Director Artemis Zenetou, and several past and current scholarship receipients.

President Pavlopoulos spoke of the reach of the foundation, operating in over 155 countries, and said the scholarship program enabled countries and peoples to coexist by raising their education and training level.

The Fulbright program helped Greece and the United States understand each other better and enriched the understanding of the surrounding world, noted Ambassador Pyatt.

Its director, Zenetou, said the foundation has granted scholarships to over 5,500 Greek and US citizens, and has acted as a bridge between the two countries.

The Athens branch is the first continuously-running Fulbright office in Europe and the second the world. It annually gives out scholarships to nearly 60 US and Greek citizens to study or do research in either country.