Fun and fact-filled April at Athens Observatory Visitors’ Centre in April

The Athens National Observatory ushers in the spring with a full programme of weekend events catering to all tastes and age groups in April, from lectures to treasure hunts to nights of star-gazing to music.

The month opens with an introductory lecture on “Climate Change: Truth or fiction?” given by the head researcher at the observatory’s Institute for Environmental and Sustainable Development Research Dr. Dimitra Founda, on Saturday evening at 18:00.

The following Sunday morning is devoted to children aged seven to 12, with the “Hunt for the Lost Telescope” that begins at 11:00 and introduces younger visitors to astronomy.

On Sunday, April 23 at 20:30 the visitors’ centre will host a concert as part of its “Musical Constellations” series. The “Jazz and Baroque Constellations” evening will feature space music mixed in with jazz and baroque melodies arranged for electric guitars and musical saw, with Tilemachos Mousas, Nasia Gofa, Nikos Youssef and Fioris-Anastasio Mettallinos performing. The concert will be followed by observation of the night sky through the Doridis telescope.

From April 24-28, the observatory’s historic library in Thissio with its unique collection or rare astronomy and mathematical volumes dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries, will be open to visitors from noon each day for five days.

On Saturday, April 29 there will be a lecture on “Aristarchus of Samos – Ionian Philosophers and Cosmological Science” given Dr. Nikolaos Spyros, analysing the ancient astronomer’s contribution to the proposal of the heliocentric theory.

In addition to the above, there will be an exhibition on astrophotography in the same area as the Doridis telescope throughout April, displaying digital photographs of objects in space taken by astrophotographer Kallia Ioannidi, a member of the Thessaloniki Friends of Astronomy Society.

The visitors’ centre in Thissio will also continue to open for night-time visits by the public every Wednesay, Friday and Saturday from 19:00-21:00, with visits ending with the observation of the night sky through the Doridis Telescope.

Those wishing to attend the above events should book places at the telephone numbers 210 3490160 and 210 3490036 from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 15:00. There is a 5-euro entrance free for the regular evening tours at the visitors centre, and a 2.5-euro discount ticket for children and students, while entrance for the unemployed and disabled is free of charge.