FYROM: VMRO called for an immediate vote, no changes in positions

Discussion on an amendment to the country’s constitution continued for the third day in the plenary of FYROM’s Parliament without changes in the stances of parties or deputies.

The change is a key term in the Greece-FYROM name issue agreement (the “Prespes Agreement”), before FYROM may apply for membership to the EU and NATO.

The main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE called the Prespes Agreement harmful to the country’s interests, and said none of its deputies would vote for the constitutional amendment. It called for an immediate vote, it said, as there is no need for further discussion on the issue.

FYROM’s Parliament rules allow ten days for discussion before a proposal is put to the vote. The proposal must be passed by a two-thirds majority vote (80 out of a total of 120 deputies) before the constitutional change process is set in motion.

Parliament President Talat Xhaferi said the discussion will continue on Friday.