G. Koumoutsakos: Recent law on issuing television licences in Greece should be revoked

Main opposition New Democracy believes that the recent law on issuing television licences in Greece should be revoked, regardless of the decision reached by the Council of State on its constitutionality, main opposition New Democracy spokesman George Koumoutsakos said on Tuesday. He was speaking on the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) radio station ‘Praktorio 104.9 FM’ broadcasting in Thessaloniki.

“There are two possibilities: Either the law will be judged unconstitutional and [Minister of State Nikos Pappas] will have to face up to the situation he has created for himself and his government, or it will be judged constitutional. But given our view that this law essentially presents problems of democracy, a new majority, as happens in democracies, changes the laws, cancels the laws, amends the laws. We say, whatever the result of the decision of the Council of State, we believe that this law must be withdrawn,” he said.

In ND’s opinion the law created problems of authoritarianism and pluralism, Koumoutsakos added, and only revoking the Pappas law will “free up all the procedures for the formation of a National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV)”. Once this “interlude of lawlessness and shady handling” was over, he said, “we can see where we go from there, because the broadcasting scene does need regulating.”