G. Stathakis: Talks on non-performing business loans to continue on technical level

Negotiations with the institutions on the out-of-court settlement of non-performing business loans will continue at a technical level and after 10-12 days the two sides will exchange views on the new proposals at a top lever, Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis told journalists on Thursday after a meeting with the representatives of the institutions.

“There still is some work to be done in the negotiations on the out-of-court settlement of [non-performing] business loans, at a technical level,” he said.

He said the agreement in principle stands, but there are still pending issues concerning the size of the companies which will be allowed to be included in the settlement scheme. It is expected that the companies will be categorized according to their turnover. In all cases, the minister said, a judicial mediator will intervene in the procedure.