Gang mugging tourists and locals around Acropolis dismantled

Six Pakistanis aged 19 to 34 years old have been arrested while a seventh is wanted on charges of robbery, police announced on Thursday. The six suspects are allegedly members of a gang that mugged locals and tourists in the area around the archaeological site of the Acropolis.

The gang was dismantled during a police operation in the west Athens district of Egaleo.

According to police, the members of the gang operated near the Acropolis and mostly during the night. They threatened their victims at knife-point and forced them to hand over their mobile phones, cash and other valuables in their possession. According to the police, they did not hesitate to use their knives if their victims resisted.

So far, the investigation has revealed that the gang is responsible for one attempted murder targeting a young foreigner on March 3 and three robberies.

The suspects have been led before an examining magistrate while an investigation to uncover possible additional members is continuing.