Gaza fighting continues despite ceasefire agreement

Four people have been killed just hours after the 72-hour truce came into force between Israel and Hamas in Gaza Strip.

Israel has not confirmed yet the news reported by Reuters citing statements of its photographer and the Palestinian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The temporary truce was violated while the international community expressed its outrage for the war that Israel has declared against innocent civilians and Turkey accused Israel of Hitler fascism after the attack of Israelis army on hospitals and schools for Refugees.

The Egyptian government acts as a mediator and representations of Palestinians and Israelis have already met to complete the revised ceasefire agreement. According to the Jerusalem Post, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has been aware of Hamas declaring the war to Israel since April and it is said that they have taken the necessary measures. According to members of the Israeli cabinet, the Israeli forces have destroyed 85% of the tunnels of Hamas up to now.

Meanwhile Turkey used quite a harsh language against Israeli government and spoke of Hitler fascism, whereas Erdogan accused Israel of Palestinian genocide.

“Palestinians are “facing a precipice” in Gaza”, the top U.N. refugee official there, Philippe Krahenbuhl, told the Security Council in a strongly worded appeal for action.