General elections would work as a catharsis, ND leader Mitsotakis says

The country is on a downward spiral, main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Tuesday said at a party meeting.

“General elections will work as a catharsis, the people and the history will not show any leniency,” Mitsotakis said and added: “Restart is what citizens are asking for.”

Mitsotakis also made criticism on the economic situation: “The so-called offset measures, if voted, they will not be implemented … The government is trying to deceive the Greek people. The signs are not encouraging, the market has destabilised, the public sector is unable to meet its obligations, the fiasco with EFKA threatens the entire social security system, deposits outflows have increased and thousands of companies and citizens cannot pay their taxes. At the same time, bad loans plague the banking system that cannot support growth.”

He added: “If the programme review is not concluded, we are led to a tragic impasse with countless consequences. There is no room for concluding the review positively. If the economy does not gain growth momentum, it will not enter the markets in 2018 and the fourth memorandum will be one-way road. This is why a political change is imperative.”