Gennimata: A targeted survival plan for SMEs needed

The problems faced by self-employed professionals and small- and medium-sized enterprises as a result of the new bankruptcy code and the insufficient government support measures after the new lockdown were discussed by the president of the Movement for Change (KINAL), Fofi Gennimata, in a virtual meeting on Wednesday with representatives of Chambers and professional associations throughout Greece, organised by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After the meeting, Gennimata stated, among others, that “especially after the second lockdown, the small and medium-sized Greek company is in danger. The recession in the economy is deepening, falling incomes are reducing consumption and many businesses are at risk of folding.”

KINAL’s leader said that the government is failing to meet the needs that have arisen and that the measures it announces are inadequate. She added that the new bankruptcy code passed by ruling New Democracy (ND) does not give businesses a second chance, while threatening the primary residence of owners with foreclosure and turning them into tenants.

“All our actions aim to prevent the crisis from creating new impasses, to keep society upright and the economy alive,” she added, while outlining key KINAL proposals for the survival of SMEs and the self-employed.