Gennimata: Early elections discussion an insult to the citizens

Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata considers the discussion for early elections an insult to the citizens’ agony that are struggling with the crisis and in parallel an attempt for the legalisation of the government’s harsh policies in an interview with the newspaper Real News on Saturday.

“I refuse to take part in this debate because it insults the struggle and the agony of the citizens that are trying to take their lives back in their hands and feel safe for their lives, their families, their job” she said.

Gennimata said that in this new crucial phase to exit the quarantine, “the government’s responsibility to guarantee the conditions that will keep us safe is increased because as the Prime Minister said the second phase is based on a clearly governmental plan”.

On the economy support measures, Gennimata noted that they are insufficient. “They can’t hide the lack
of a comprehensive plan, the delays, the failures and the injustices we have already pointed out”.