Gennimata: Gov’t lack of preparation and climate of complacency led to second wave

“The government’s responsibility for the lack of preparation and for cultivating a climate of complacency, which have led to an aggressive second wave of the pandemic, the loss of human lives and a new painful lockdown, are now abundantly clear,” stated opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata on Monday.

She said the government did nothing to substantially strengthen the national health system, adding that the new ICU beds are mostly the result of donations and the conversion of other areas in public hospitals into ICUs for COVID patients. She also noted that proclamations for new hires were hugely delayed, not being issued until November, and that hospitals were literally “abandoned to their fate”. The result of the government’s ineffectiveness and inadequacy were the tragic phenomena seen in northern Greece, Gennimata asserted in a question to the prime minister.

She called on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to come to parliament and answer the following questions: “Whether and what plan there is for the safe reopening of the economy? What measures have been taken for the best coordination of the country’s hospitals? Is there a complete record of patients at the National Public Health Organisation, the health ministry and the Civil Protection secretariat? What improvements are there for a better epidemiological assessment of each region? Is there a plan for mass testing of the population in order to track the spread of cases and to take the necessary measures on time. Will there be certification measures for the private labs and are the tests carried out in private labs being recorded?”