Gennimata maintains lead in centre-left coalition, goes to round two on Nov. 19

PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata maintained a clear lead in the elections to choose a leader for a new centre-left coalition party held nationally in Greece on Sunday, with Nikos Androulakis coming in second.

According to the Independent Ethics Committee that was tasked with supervising the election, partial results showed Gennimata received 42.6% and Androulakis 25.38%. The two will proceed to a second round on November 19, in which only voters of the first round will be able to cast a ballot.

Final results for each of the nine candidates are expected on Monday professor Nikos Alivizatos, committee head said. The results as of early Monday morning are based on 166,782 votes counted out of a total of 210,505 in Greece and abroad, he said, not including blank and invalid votes.

In statements earlier in the day, Gennimata said the centre-left coalition’s initiative had paid off, and said the high participation rate proved the voters “gave a mandate of unity and change.”

Messages of congratulations and confirmation of the bloc’s unity came from the other candidates, besides Androulakis, including Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis, Athens mayor George Kaminis, and former ministers Yiannis Ragoussis and Yiannis Maniatis.