Gennimata: Pandemic a test for the political system as it creates ‘thirst for change’

The pandemic is also a test for the political system as it creates the conditions for radical change in the political map, opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) party president Fofi Gennimata said on Sunday in an interview with the newspaper “Paron”.

“Anyone listening to society is well aware of this. They know that anger is slowly bubbling beneath the mask-covered faces. The thirst for change is becoming ever stronger,” Gennimata said. She stressed that things cannot continue as they have been, as ruling New Democracy “is daily revealing its true face and Mr. Mitsotakis’ centrist profile unravelled early.”
She criticised the recent cabinet reshuffle as a shift to the right and said the government was unable to properly manage crises, unable to properly plan, and was instead “making it up as it goes along”.

Gennimata also criticised SYRIZA as a poor main opposition, which was unable to mount a convincing political argument with identity.