Gennimata rejects opening by Tsipras to cooperate after bailout, calls it ‘political cynicism’

PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata rejected on Monday an opening by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to cooperate after the end of Greece’s adjustment program in 2018, calling it a “demonstration of political cynicism”.

“Mr. Tsipras betrayed progressive citizens who trusted him. Now that he’s losing the ground under his feet, he appears as the ‘ruling Left’, calling in a paternalistic style, for progressive fronts. This is another show of political cynicism, for himself and the motley construct for the distribution of power,” she said in a statement.

In an interview with newspaper “Nea Selida” published on Sunday, Tsipras was quoted as saying that his party would be “truly pleased” if PASOK opened a dialogue “with the ruling Left, SYRIZA, on the prospect of forming a progressive government after the end of the memorandums. We will be there.”