Gennimata: Responsible and useful opposition does not mean silence or tolerance of mistakes

“Responsible and useful opposition does not mean silence or tolerance of mistakes, injustices and unacceptable governmental choices,” stated opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) party leader Fofi Gennimata on Wednesday, during the party’s Executive Politcal Council video conference.

Gennimata said that despite the corrective moves and KINAL’s pressure, there have been delays in the implementation of the measures by the government that lead households and sectors of the economy to despair, adding that a detailed ‘interim’ programme is necessary to address the problems highlighted by the pandemic.

She declined to adopt the government’s forecasts that everything will be fine in 2021 and asked for MPs, sectors, specialists and people in various agencies to assist in preparing specific interventions to support healthcare, jobs, the unemployed and tourism, among others.

Gennimata expressed her annoyance at the unsatisfactory coverage of her party’s positions and actions by the media and raised an issue of deliberately one-sided news coverage and restriction of the democratic operation of the institutions. “Our proposals are not presented as they should be and often they are concealed or mispresented,” she said.

On developments in Europe, she said that the pandemic is, perhaps, the best opportunity for a change of course in Greece and the EU.