Gennimata: SYRIZA has nothing in common with the Centre-Left

SYRIZA has no relation with the Centre-Left, stated the leader of the Movement for Change (KINAL) Fofi Gennimata in an interview with Real News on Sunday adding that the country “needs elections right now”.

She said that her party’s programme aims to “restart the economy with the attraction of investments, the reduction of the exhausting taxation, revolutionary changes to the state, the production of wealth and is fair allocation”.

Gennimata made clear that KINAL will not participate in a government that will continue the same deadlock recipe of taxes and dissolution of the middle class”.

Asked to comment the European Socialists and Democrats with Alexis Tsipras she said that “the European social-democracy has nothing to gain from its partnership with any kind of populists. The European Socialists need today a new progressive image not left disguises”.