Gennimata: The frugal north European states to understand that people can no longer tolerate austerity

“Europe is at a crossroads and if it emerges from the summit divided and hesitant, it will have laid mines in the foundations of its existence,” Movement for Change, Fofi Gennimata, who is visiting Crete, said on Monday.

Gennimata said that “the frugal north European states should understand that the people can no longer tolerate austerity and poverty.”

Regarding the state of the economy due to the coronavirus, she noted that the picture for tourism is heartbreaking and government omissions, mistakes and delays already have a negative impact on all sectors of the economy.

“Finally, the government must let go of its obsessions and open its ears and listen to the proposals of the Movement for Change, which are targeted and provide solutions. Because now we have to support every household and every business, so that in the future we can guarantee hope and recovery. Because only in this way will we keep the economy alive and the economy upright,” she added.