Gennimata: The new era for the country to come through the defeat of SYRIZA

The new era for the country will come through the strategic defeat of SYRIZA. It will come through the defeat of all policies that lead to conservative regression and the restoration of the Right, the leader of the Movement for Change Fofi Gennimata said in the first meeting of the organizing committee conference on Sunday.

“Progressive citizens realize that SYRIZA was speaking of a left policy and was implementing a right policy, sharing false promises without a program, admitting delusions in order to hide frauds. At the same time, everyone realizes that New Democracy remains a profoundly conservative force, unable to bring out a credible alternative to SYRIZA’s misguided policy,” she said.

She also accused the SYRIZA-ANEL government of giving false promises for exiting the memoranda when they have already agreed on an informal fourth memorandum.