Georgiadis: Gov’t to take additional measures to address price increases

The government will take measures if necessary to address a wave of price increases hitting the global economy, Greek Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Thursday. In comments made to SKAI TV, Georgiadis said that the Greek market was operating smoothly and that there was no need to panic since there is no danger of seeing a lack of products on the shelves as in other countries. He also noted that Eurostat ranked Greece’s inflation rate as the lowest among European countries. “In September we were at two thirds of the European average. This means that our market operates properly and the burden on consumer is not so great. Inflation remains negative and Greek households’ available income rose in 2021,” Georgiadis added.

“We will take additional measures if necessary, there is no need to panic,” the Greek minister said. He added that the government has designed special measures to avoid burdening consumers as a result of the global energy crisis.