Georgiadis: International markets and investors see the big picture for Greece

Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said in an interview with Alpha 98.9 radio station that international markets and investors are aware that Greece has the political stability and the will to change.

“This is what the markets see, this is why interest rates are falling and this is why Greek companies issuing bonds raise so much money,” he added.

Regarding the meeting he had with Prem Watsa on Thursday at the Prime Minister’s office, he said that the Canadian businessman supported Greece in very difficult years.

“I am happy and proud of the meeting I had yesterday at the Prime Minister’s office with Mr Prem Watsa
because of the confidence he has shown in the Greek economy and the efforts made by the Ministry of Development and Investment. He was extremely happy about how quickly we moved to the issue of former Helliniko airport. After all, Eurobank is one of the key lenders to move the project forward. Watsa is a huge investor who has supported Greece in very difficult years. He came when the others were leaving and he is still very active. And he is bringing in investors, and we are talking about projects.”
Former Hellinikon airport

Regarding the projects in former Hellinikon airport, the Minister commented: “I cannot put any pressure on the committee because this would be some kind of interference. Everyone in the country knows the urgency of the matter. When the committee decides and announces the result, that is to announce a bidder, a ministerial decision will be issued by the Finance Minister, Christos Staikouras, on the distribution, ie after 99 years of the concession contract, what is left in the State and what passes to the company. The casino contract will also be ratified in the parliament. And then the company has to pay the first amount of money. We are on a very good course.”