Georgiadis – The economy will not close, it is a given

“The economy will not close, it is a given, nor will the rest of us stop our lives. “Is it possible that those who are not vaccinated are blocking the lives of others who are being vaccinated?”, Stressed the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis in an interview today on Sky TV when asked about the possibility of a generalized lockdown.

Regarding the pandemic, Mr. Georgiadis stressed that we are now talking about a pandemic of the unvaccinated, while as he said, he is receiving vulgar denunciations from those who do not want to be vaccinated.

“Today there is the vaccine and whoever wants, goes and gets the vaccine and is protected. “So there is no longer a moral basis for shutting people in,” he added.

Even in the scenario of having such a suggestion from the infectious disease specialists, Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that the doctors have their say and the government decides.

“KINAL is a political opponent – We want an autonomous government”

Regarding the political developments in KINAL and the case of cooperation in a future government with one of the candidates, the minister underlined that KINAL is a political opponent of ND. “We want a government of autonomy. If we do not have autonomy in the first round we will go to the second. We are in favor of consensus , but not of a coalition  government not”, he stressed.