Georgiadis: The government has reduced taxes

Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis referred to the inflation pressure to the Greek economy and the new plan against the pandemic speaking on Tuesday to ANT1 TV.

Georgiadis said that the health ministry will probably announce on Wednesday the new plan against the pandemic.
On the parades for the celebration of 28 October, he said that the government’s will is to be held but it is reasonable to have some reservations for the areas where the epidemiological data are difficult.

Referring to the inflation pressure, Georgiadis said that Greece has lower inflation rates compared to most European countries adding that since this government came to power, it has made only reductions and no increases in taxes .

Finally, Georgiadis reassured that as long as growth rates continue to be high, tthe government will have the opportunity to examine further reductions and relief measures for the citizens.